•The house reveals marvellous scenery of the sea and its coast. Here the last folds of the shore touch the sea.
  •The natural source of burning FIRE – a place of a cult for the connoisseurs of the ravishing nature is only a few steps away from the entry of the house.
  •Our guests can feel the cosiness of the stylized national interior.  Here you can find one of the best places for diving and submarine fishing.
   •Birds Observation.
   •Incredibly beautiful rocks, rare plants and herbs draw the attention of botanists and herb-gatherers, collectors and photographers.
   •Inexhaustible themes, natural phenomena and objects inspire painters, photographers, artists, scientists.... mostly attracted by the endless silence and the infinite.
   •The house neighbours with the archaeological and natural reserve “YALA” which keeps traces of Sarmats-tribe`s life – dwellings cut in the rocks, necropolis, rare species of plants and birds.
   •To the South along the coast are situated the resort complex « Rusalka », the bathing-beach « Bolata », the cape of Kaliakra, the “Dulboka” place, the town of Kavarna and the Botanical garden of Baltchik
   •To the North – the rocks of Tjulenovo, the Marine Club, the Lighthouse, the residence of Shabla, the Durankulak lake.

The house offers:

•A single bed – 4
•A bedroom with a terrace – 1
•A bedroom without a terrace – 2
•A bedroom-mansard – 1
•A bath-room – 3
•A bath in the open – 1
     •At the disposal of our guests there is a dining-room, a cosy nook for entertaining games and leisure time, a kitchen and kitchenware, a TV set, a fireplace – both outdoor and indoor.

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